Welcome to The Butterscotch Girl!

The Butterscotch Girl offers a very simple product: butterscotch pudding. Made with only a few natural, preservative-free ingredients, it’s prepared and packaged with love in a (health department licensed) local kitchen. She also offers an exotic Orange-Cardamom butterscotch pudding, inspired by one of her favorite chefs, Donia Bijan (author of Maman’s Homesick Pie), and the Chocolate Mocha Experience, a decadent chocolate pudding. 

*UPDATE* This website is going to be getting a facelift soon, but we're so busy testing new flavors and getting into markets and interviews and events, that the site has unfortunately taken priority number last on the list. In the meantime, we update on our Facebook most often, so check us out for updates!


If you would like to request The Butterscotch Girl for weddings, parties, events, or simply a particular park that has a lot of people jones-n for some creamy, deliciously nostalgic butterscotch pudding, email her at thebutterscotchgirl@gmail.com. She is welcome to suggestions and would love to hear feedback!

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